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Honorable Senator,

We feel that convicted felons in the United State of America are being deprived of their basic right to vote. Although convicted felons have violated the law, they still live in a society affected by local, state, and federal elections.

Many people are able to turn their lives around, as is the goal of probation and parole programs. These people become productive members of society, tax payers, and members of their community. As much as anyone, they deserve a say in the world they live in.

Depriving convicted felons of the right to vote is denying a large group of people a basic American right. Because they violated a law, they have lost their say in our society. Some may reform and some may not, but we are all United States citizens, and should therefore have equal say.

We would like this issue brought to the forefront of social issues. Denying felons the right to vote is wrong, and awareness of this issue is miniscule. Please help us make this issue more public!


Matthew Sockolov

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