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President Obama, Governor Cuomo, Red Cross, FEMA, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney & anyone in power!

The barrier island of Long Beach Long Island is one of the most affected areas....
I have been there from upstate NY for 4 days volunteering. Please get these people the things they really need! Here is our wish list..... there are many, I'll pick the top 10 --- think camping!!!

Propane cannisters and camping stoves
Duct tape
first aid kits for minor injuries (ie cuts -not going to walk 2 miles to the red cross to get a bandaid).
certified plastic gas cans.... people with arriving with gallon water jugs and cannot get fuel for generators!
oh yea, generators!


Michele Michele

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How this will help

I think we all know why!
Anyone who has ever visited Long Beach and enjoyed the beautiful beach and boardwalk should sign!


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