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Dear, Admirals of the Navy, Peter Voser (CEO of Shell Oil), and Robert Dudley (CEO of BP)

The whales and dolphins in the ocean already have to contend with whaling, longlines, purse seiners, and other deadly threats. They do not need the Navy and the big oil companies to add to their woes by operating deadly acoustic devices in there natural habitat. Use mitigation techniques and help end the degredation of our oceans.

Sincerely, The Ocean Protectors


Ocean Protectors

Each year hundreds of whales and dolphins wash up on the world's beaches either dead or dying but the cause of death is unknown. The bodies of these dead whales and dolphins are horribly bruised and beaten but mysteriously no bones inside the whales and dolphins are broken. So what killed these whales and dolphins? The answer might be Navy Sonar exercises. Several of these exercises and their deadly aftermath have been recorded. Here is a brief list. Bahamas – March 2000 Canary Islands – November 1988, October 1989, December 1991, September 2002, July 2004 Washington State – May 2003 North Carolina – January 2005 Japan – Ten Stranding's Since 1960 Greece – May 1996 US Virgin Islands – October 1999 Portugal – May 2000 Brazil – June-October 2002 Gulf of California – September 2002 Hawaii – July 1998, July 2004 Italy – May 1963 Tasmainia – October 2005 Spain – January 2006 United Kingdom – June 2006, September 2012

But it isn't just the Navy hurting whales and dolphins with sound. Up in Alaska Shell Oil uses compressed air guns to search for oil beneath the sea floor. This practice kills whales and dolphins and is just as damaging as the low frequency sonar used by the Navy. So sign this petition and tell the US Navy and Shell Oil to quit there deadly acoustic practices!


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