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This petition has been created to raise awareness of the underserved during the month of October which serves as Breast Cancer Awareness Month by placing a spotlight on metastatic breast cancer which kills nearly 40,000 a year; approximately 30% of breast cancer patients with breast cancer develop MBC-cancer that has spread beyond the breast. Metastatic breast cancer research is horribly underfunded (5% in the western world--less in the US--according to a Steeg/Sleeman European Journal of Cancer study in 2010). Unfortunately, metastasis can happen to anyone, at any stage of the disease making additional research funding and patient support services critical for stage IV patients in a time when the efforts of fundraising are geared towards early prevention and detection and because of this, stage IV is cast in the shadow-"Out of sight, out of mind" making MBC the worst nightmare of every patient with breast cancer but so little funding is given to save so many lives-MBC is fatal so lets work together to make a change, our lives are depending on it!!!


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