Sign the Petition to A Congress member to sponsor a bill to get Cholangiocarcinoma service connected for Vietnam Veterans


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Cholangiocarcinoma or cancer of the bile ducts can be caused by being infected with liver flukes. Liver flukes are widespread in Asia and this cancer is endemic to the region. Many of our Vietnam Veterans are being diagnosed with this cancer. It is usually asymptomatic and may take 30 to 40 years to develop, hence many of our Veterans are getting it now. It is a difficult cancer to detect and usually is not noticed until there are symptoms. By the time the symptoms are evident, it is usually at Stage IV and untreatable. The VA needs to recognizes this cancer as being presumptive as many of the Vietnam Veterans who are diagnosed with this cancer do not fit into the categories for developing this cancer. The only reason for them getting the cancer is due to their service in Vietnam or surrounding areas. Please sign the petition and share it with your friends, so we can gather support to bring this to our representative


Anne Rossi Petitti

People should sign this because Vietnam Veterans are dying from this disease. It is a fact that one of the causes of the cancer is ingestion of the Liver Fluke. It is a fact that the Liver Flukes are endemic in Vietnam and it's surrounding areas. It is a fact that cases have been approved by the Veteran's Administration agreeing that veterans have gotten this cancer due to their service in Vietnam. It is a fact this cancer is rare in the United States. It is not fair that many Vietnam Veterans are once again being overlooked, and they are not given the recognition they deserve for their service to their country.


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