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RESTORE AMERICA, 9 Point Restoration, Copy Forward
Mr Speaker, Congressmen & CongressLadies, Senators We PRAY and BEG You will have for One and All Americans REAL HEARINGS,

Researched by independent Investigators We the People of AMERICA Request you HONOR YOUR OATH of OFFICE
E, Protect AMERICA against all Enemies FOREIGN & DOMESTIC (Home Grown) Make Right Immediately the Following WRONGS & EVIL P
erpetuated Upon the American People by Previous and Present Leaders.

DRAFT will fine tune later

1. Find out Real Reason President OBAMA had GEN C.HAM, ARRESTED, & ADMIRAL Gaoutte Relieved

2. Why did our Leaders Turn their Back on Ambassador Stephens and Former Navy Seals , Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and computer expert, Sean Smith) Allowing them to die? Refusing Assistance for 7 hours During that time at the same time on live feed watching them Fight to their DEATH & Offer No, ZERO Assistance & Plenty of Assistance was Immediately Ava liable

3.Alleged by CIA Officer Google Clare Lopez or,, see If Ambassador Stephens was Running Guns to Al-Quiada to MURDER Cadaffy (Note: this Leader Built a New Apartment/House for everyone in his Country) Why give WEAPONS to Murder Leaders of Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, take the Blinders Off, see Oath in the 62nd congressional Record 3rd Session tells how to take over the Whole World, Divide & Conquer, They were Created by see MI6 AGENT Dr John Coleman COMMITTEE OF 300, they have many many Groups Working for them, BILDERBERG, others I have named in my writings on Face Book and YouTube,

4. Stop CORPORATIONS form adding Chemicals that give us CANCER, ALZHEIMER numerous other Health Problems Just naming two for now, 1. over 30 Scientific Studies, & 30 Video at wwwFluorideAlert (dot) org, have Confirmed Beyond the shadow of a Dough that Sodium Fluoride not to be Confused with Calcium Fluoride its INDUSTRIAL WASTE, its RAT POISON its Damaging thinking in America 25% up to over 4 Million with No MIND LEFT, Elements in Fluoride Barium, Aluminum, Nickel etc Plug up the ends of Neurons in the BRAIN, 2. MSG/ASPARTAME Cause the ends of BRAIN NEURONS to Explode see Neuro Surgeon Video by Dr Russell Blaylock.,If its a documented Health Problem give a Sweeping Order for CORPORATIONS to stop adding it to our Food, Water,, Soft Drinks etc

5. Re Write our History Books, so the TRUE History of America can be Known, see former Banker & Congressional Investigator NORMAN DODD, explain How Foundations have Secret Agendas, Make them Pay to rewrite and Furnish History Books too Americans, DVD will be Sufficient . Controlled Media, Rothschild owns Reuters that owns AP they can send a Lie or Half Truth to the 6 Corporations that own all the Media in America and Around the World in Minutes, Bust them up into 400-600 Companies.Take back our Medicine, see how big Pharmacy took over what Doctors are Taught, see Video by Edward Griffin, Release all the Cancer Cures, & Cancer Prevention etc

6. Self Supporting MEDICAL CARE for America, 5000 families pay $30.00 Month for 3 Doctors , 2 doctors 10 Communities of 50,000 Families Pay $20.00 Month for support of a Hospital, Incorporate Natural, Chiropractic (Germany for many years) More Details later, use HAARP & GWEN for GOOD not Evil.Put Drug Addicts & Alcoholics on a Self Financing 71/2 years Monitored Active Rehabilitation Plan.

7. Oil 3 finds would last over 600 years see Lindsey Williams for 2 & the Montana Find, We have 41/2 Million Acres of Idle Farm Land , 2 Million Acres of HEMP would supply all the Oil we need and enough left to export, make Cloths, Medicine, etc get people out of Jail, Use Jail Money to Educate & Rehabilitate instead of incarcerate, Also Release Hidden Technology, Abolish the Evil 1947 National Security Act, Let the Secret be Made Public, 99% of things done in Secret is EVIL.

8 Set up Insurance Companies In Every Community, Keep the Money at Home, Let each State or Community have its own BANK, keep the Interest made on Loans stay with the State,or Community, North Dakota started a Bank in 1919, They have Billions ready to Loan and ZERO Debt. A Computer Disk can Replace 99% of the Bank presidents.

9. Last but Certainly not Least . Print INTEREST FREE Treasury Money, Requiring Gold to Back up Money is a FARCE its and ILLUSION, we could use Pink Tooth Picks if we Create the Right Amount, the Federal Reserve they use what is called the MANDRAKE (Man Duck) System to Confuse People into thinking the Creation of Money is Complicated, When in FACT its Simple as Home Made Pie, This System always Fails, Fractional Reserve Banking, $1.00 of Assets up to 410.00 in Loans However With or with out Congressional Approval they have Improvised to Keep the System A Float, Allowing Foreigners to Hold TREASURY BONDS asn IOU'S, Only to be Cashed if really necessary to keep that Country Afloat.Packaging Toxic Loans into Big Packages then Selling them from Banker to Banker, each one getting a BONUS for Doing Big Banking each time they sell to each other. two Big to FAIL, giving Loans to CRIMINALS to bail their own Banks out after they have Pillaged the Profits and place them into their own pockets,,,the S&L SCANDLE where Loan Officer and their Friends got big Loans Bought 6million dollar Yachts & Multimillion dollar homes then got divorces allowing wives to get all they had, then Bank Rupticy then moving back with Spouse, Abolish the IRS and other Tits on the Bore Hog, issue a Flat Tax, 10-15 %,

I have Designed a 3 Tier Banking System that a 10 year old child up thru Voker, Greenspan, Bernake and Even Congress Can Understand, It will Never get Inflated would Never have a Depression again, and its the most Fair Eco System every Designed, People in this system will agree to have 1-2 Children depending on Economics & Area they Live in, People will earn a fair wage for a fair days work, The Medical Doctor will Be the Highest Paid, with Founders of Companies being Allowed to Earn so much then they half to Give a Donation sell out or Retire, We can put 30-50 Million American to Work in just a few Months doing work that should of started 20 years ago, This Project will last 40 years , I know how to Fund it, they can melt the Gold and Pour it on the Streets

I Bill R Otinger Will Fine Tune this 9 Point Plan Later, In the Meantime Please Check Each FACT, then Pass it Around

PLEASE Copy and Forward, Together we can Achieve anything, Stand together or Hang alone

I Served you 71/2 years overseas and received Many Commendable Write Ups for doing the Extra for NO MONEY

The Rest of the World Can Follow our Example, We Can not Just RESTORE AMERICA we can make Her GREATER than she ever was

Again Please Help me Together we can Achieve anything,


Bill Otinger

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How this will help

I LOVE America , I wont to see HER RESTORED & GREATER set an EXAMPLE for the Rest of the World to Follow

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