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--MY VIEWS ARE AS FOLLOWS: i believe that NO animal shall be released or sold for adoption until its proven they do not have an owner,i believe that once a pound picks up an animal that not only should they have to post to a website that they should also (as well as the owners) try all means necessary to find the animals owners by posting to ANY-every media
source(s) not just 2 single sites. I believe that ANY dog or cat no matter age(most pounds don’t accept or want senior pets),sex,etc is allowed to be brought to a pound-kennel and have the same proper treatment rather than being first on the “to be euthanized for “space” list. I believe ALL animals bodies that are put down should be disposed of PROPERLY rather than tossed in a LARGE industrial garbage can. I believe ALL kennel/pound animals should be FED *PROPER* FOOD(not a 93% grain diet-food that should CONTAIN minerals and vitamins),BATHED ON A WEEKLY BASIS,WATERED DAILY(outside and inside bowls for cages),have a HEALTHY cage condition (no feces,urine,fleas etc on themselves or bedding),that bedding should be washed weekly no matter the cost (to prevent diseases etc from entering another near caged animal.) That cages should be emptied weekly and scrubbed with proper disinfectant to also prevent diseases/fleas etc. I believe EVERY animal should have flea treatments/and diagonsed as SOON as they show up on ARRIVAL.I believe EVERY animal should have a cage that’s PROPERLY fitted to its size so they can stand properly,move properly,and/or sleep properly. And not crammed in a 10 pound cage when it’s a 50 pound dog.I believe that ALL dogs must be walked a minimum of 2 hours a day at different intervals during the day and 1 hour as soon as arrival of ANY employees. I believe if an animal uses the restroom in its cage at night that the pound/kennel should immeditely clean the animal and the cage to not sit in its own feces/urine/ect. I believe that NO OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN AN EMPLOYEE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WORK AND/OR OPERATE BEHIND THE COUNTER TO SIGN OR DO ANY SORT OF DOCUMENTATION FOR THE ANIMAL BEING ADOPTED. EMPLOYEES SHOULD ALSO HAVE TO IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AT TIME OF SOMEONES ARRIVAL. A VOLUNTEER SHOULD BE STRICTLY A VOLUNTEER!I believe there should be a grace period to allow pets to stay in the pound or kennel to be looked for by their owners for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks before being adopted out no matter IF OVERCROWDING etc. I believe all animals should be played with, and/or introduced/allowed to communicate to/with other animals of same species due to too much “locked in the cage” time by itsself. I believe you should FIRMLY be able to get any answers/questions and/or anything else by the EMPLOYEES at ANY time during your adoption. ***I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT EVEN IF YOU LOSE YOUR ANIMAL AND THERE IS ONE THAT EVEN REMOTELY LOOKS/RESEMBLES THE SAME ANIMAL THAT THEY TELL YOU IMMEDIATELY TO COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!*** I believe that if someone calls looking for a missing pet and provides a description that the EMPLOYEES IMMEDIATELY GO LOOK TO SEE IF THERE IS A MATCH OR ONE THAT RESEMBLES A MATCH. I believe that ANY animal,breed,sex,race,age should be treated PROPERLY and not treated as a “pitbull” or made to be sat in a cage all day due to what people say. I Believe that ANY person other than the employees themselves should not be allowed any say in situations reguarding anything that happened whether good or bad when adopting an animal. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST I BELIEVE THAT NO WEBSITE/QUESTIONS/ANSWERS/COMMENTS SHOULD BE RAN OTHER THAN THE OFFICIAL HEAD HONCHO THEMSELVES.
These are strictly MY views. And I will be trying my hardest to at least make some good happen out of the bad situations that have arisen. Thank YOU very much.



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this petition matters because animals are FAMILY! The pounds should not be able to ADOPT animals out with out looking for owners, all pound ANIMALS deserve a wonderful condition!


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