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Dear Gumtree Executives,

We, the undersigned, have noted the terrible amount of sellers listing animals that are far too young to be taken away from their mothers.

Taking away an animal that is only days or weeks old causes terrible suffering to the animal in later life. Did you know that those animals are most likely to suffer from anxiety issues? Have immunodeficiency problems? Be prone to young age arthritis and rhematism? That the animal could become so terrifed due to the anxiety caused from the trauma of early intervention, that it becomes aggressive?

We please ask that Gumtree recognaises the fundamentals of selling such a young animal and reacts by placing appropriate guidelines for listings offering animals for sale.

To do so would, we hope, will educate people as to the correct age that an animal should leave it's mother and, the importance of that animal staying for the minimum of eight weeks. We also hope to encourage the desexing of animals and thus prevent the need for Gumtree users to advertise animals as young as a day old for public sale.


Adey Demondefiar

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If you love animals and you want to stop their suffering as adults, then lets get people educated by asking trading websites to please put some basic rules and suggestions put in place for advertisers of young animals.

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