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All of us: The Reconomy Global Timebank

Reconomy Global Timebank Petition and Member Agreement:

WE the people of our beautiful Earth,
in able to secure for ourselves and all of creation the tools to prevail,
and to forever pay forward our debt to our mothers, fathers and children, do establish this Global Timebank.

WE agree to help each other and accept help everywhere
through an hour-for-hour exchange using our Timebank,
which indebts the receiver to pay forward equally with their time
in service to nurturing and protecting the dreams of others,
the people we love, and the ground beneath our feet.

WE agree to teach each other and to provide any service,
including permaculture, renewable energy development, water harvesting, and any and all knowledge that contributes to beauty AND local sustainability.

WE agree to an equal vote for each member in the governing of this cooperative effort.

In testament to our commitment to each other, our planet, and our common future, we do here affix our names.


Kevin Parcell

This petition closed 5 months ago

How this will help


Thank you to everyone who joined Reconomy here and signed this petition and shared it with friends.  The overwhelming majority of members and signatures are a result of...

Thank you to everyone who joined Reconomy here and signed this petition and shared it with friends.  The overwhelming majority of members and signatures are a result of this sharing-forward.

At this time, I ask that you do not sign this petition here but join our Global Timebank at

which requires acceptance of the text as our member agreement.  The reason we ask that you not sign here is that Causes claims to have discarded irretrievably the list of about 250 of our members who joined before Causes required that persons joining campaigns sign petitions or pledges; and Causes says it is also unable to provide the names of 330 more persons who signed our "Pay It Forward" pledge, which is our core membership; these two groups amount to 400-500 individuals, all of whom were recruited through the volunteer efforts of supporters.

We don't want Causes to lose you too.  Join us at our secure site, where we promise to respect both your commitment and your privacy.

Today, November 6th 2013, we have 837 signatories to our petition. We'll be contacting each of you independently over the next several weeks to invite you to join us now at the Timebank, and to assist you in that process if you would like to join.  Of course, you don't need to wait -- the Timebank is open, free and it's easy to register -- but we value your support highly and wish to honor it with the person-to-person connection that is the foundation of our strategy.


Everyone should be empowered to nurture and protect their own dreams, the people they love and the ground beneath their feet. Together we are building this prosperous, sustainable future.

How it works:  The member agreement is the text of the Petition, asking you and all of us to add our names and join together in a global web of mutual support for people and planet. With this tool, we will provide tax-free employment around the world and down the street, supporting the creation of genuine community.

At this time we have reached our 1000 member pre-launch goal, and are preparing to begin operations with the more than 800 persons who have already signed our member agreement. 

As a member, you'll have a secure, personal online account that is computer and mobile-accessible, for convenient person-to-person exchange of services. Each member offering a service through this timebank will have a free listing in the global catalogue and on the global map. Except for hours that you choose to donate, the time you spend helping others is credited, hour-for-hour. Whether or not the service provider chooses to receive credit, the time is debited from the account of the receiver, to be paid-forward.  Debts paid-forward for donated services can never circle back to the original provider to be retired, and thus are paid-forward forever, facilitating continuous commerce and knowledge-resource growth based on the obligation to serve.

A significant part of the cost of operations is absorbed by the Cyclos project, which provides the software and hosts our online marketplace. Our obligation is to mitigate their costs as we are able, and to pay all other expenses, which can be accompished by members through voluntary advertising and contributions, such that basic membership and trading is possible at no charge to anyone anywhere who has access to our website through computer or mobile. Members begin trading after the peer-review of their service, with credit awarded, and can earn additional credit through trade and participation in global or local community development. The collective membership will vote to determine changes in function and practice and to elect members of their governing body.
You're welcome to explore the free demo of the basic banking software at

Our Facebook page:

Our open-membership discussion group:

The Reconomy Global Timebank is part of Reconomy's comprehensive strategy for sustainable prosperity. For more information visit our website at or email [email protected]


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