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It is widely accepted that humans are having a negative impact on the environment and that the time for action is upon us. Whilst the Government has begun to implement changes, there is a lack of clarity and decisiveness that needs to be addressed. For this reason, we are asking that the UK government commit to clearly defined policies that reduce the impact we are having on our environment.

This petition is proposing that we commit to a timeline to electrify the UK’s fleet of buses and taxis, for the following reasons.

Firstly switching to electric vehicles would result in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. It is well documented that manmade CO2 emissions have a substantial and long term negative impact on the environment. As individuals we are being encouraged to use more environmentally friendly methods of transport, but the Government has so far failed to coordinate this on a national level.

Secondly the use of electric vehicles will mean fewer harmful pollutants being released into the atmosphere. These pollutants seriously harm our health and lead to many deaths each year, creating additional pressure on the NHS. A current series of adverts aims to prevent the release of unnecessary pollutants by encouraging individual drivers to switch off their engines whilst making deliveries. This could be achieved to a much greater degree by electrifying all buses and taxis.

Electric vehicles are also considerably quieter. There is substantial evidence that noise pollution can lead to increased stress in the population and even deaths, further straining the health service.

Finally, electric vehicles are often seen as too expensive. The cost of upgrading one vehicle to electric becomes more economically viable when you upgrade the entire fleet. In addition the electric vehicle running costs will be more stable than fossil fuel powered vehicles, as oil companies are forced to drill alternative, more expensive fields, leading to ever increasing fuel prices. The upgrade cost is further offset when environmental and health costs are taken into consideration.

It has been proposed to make the switch in London and there are already schemes in Durham, Coventry and Nottingham trialling electric buses. For the reasons given above, the Government must now commit to a clear timeline for a nationwide upgrade.


Alex Calnan

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How this will help

Electric buses and taxis would lead to:
Cleaner Air, Lower CO2 emissions, Quieter Streets and Cheaper Public Transport

As outlined in the letter there are a number of very important benefits to our...

Electric buses and taxis would lead to:
Cleaner Air, Lower CO2 emissions, Quieter Streets and Cheaper Public Transport

As outlined in the letter there are a number of very important benefits to our health, our environment and our taxpayer bills.

There is a proposal put forward by the Liberal Democrats to switch London's buses and taxis to electric power by 2020. They list the main benefits as (for full details see

Save lives - the air pollution from diesel vehicles in London causes premature deaths and health problems. Electric vehicles emit less pollution. Our plan could save 600-1000 lives per year.

Save money – the rising costs of diesel means that going electric would save the average:
- Taxi: £2,500 in fuel per year and a new electric cab would pay for itself in fuel savings
- Bus: £17,000 in fuel savings per year
- LGV: £3,000 in cost savings per year

Quieter - noise pollution is thought to cause about 108 deaths per year in London. Our plans would more than halve noise levels on many roads.

Cleaner - diesel is dirty. As well as improving health, less dust and fumes means cleaner streets and buildings, and a better environment for plants and trees.

Greener - electric vehicles produce 40% less CO2 than diesel or petrol.

While this is a fantastic idea it is one that should be implemented nationwide and regardless of which political party is in power.


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