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Electric buses and taxis would lead to:
Cleaner Air, Lower CO2 emissions, Quieter Streets and Cheaper Public Transport

As outlined in the letter there are a number of very important benefits to our health, our environment and our taxpayer bills.

There is a proposal put forward by the Liberal Democrats to switch London's buses and taxis to electric power by 2020. They list the main benefits as (for full details see

Save lives - the air pollution from diesel vehicles in London causes premature deaths and health problems. Electric vehicles emit less pollution. Our plan could save 600-1000 lives per year.

Save money – the rising costs of diesel means that going electric would save the average:
- Taxi: £2,500 in fuel per year and a new electric cab would pay for itself in fuel savings
- Bus: £17,000 in fuel savings per year
- LGV: £3,000 in cost savings per year

Quieter - noise pollution is thought to cause about 108 deaths per year in London. Our plans would more than halve noise levels on many roads.

Cleaner - diesel is dirty. As well as improving health, less dust and fumes means cleaner streets and buildings, and a better environment for plants and trees.

Greener - electric vehicles produce 40% less CO2 than diesel or petrol.

While this is a fantastic idea it is one that should be implemented nationwide and regardless of which political party is in power.


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