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This very sadly is a perfect example of why animal abuse must be reported. Justice for Mary...
A 20-year-old Wisconsin woman - SEAN D JANAS - is facing up to 5 years in jail and a $30,000 fine for severely abusing her boyfriend's dog over a period of months and eventually killing the German Shepherd-Labrador mix named Mary.
Police suspect Sean D. Janas killed the dog in June 2012 by poisoning her with Draino, bleach and unidentified pills and then slitting the dog's throat.
The criminal complaint stated that neighbors told police they had heard Janas yelling at the dog and hitting Mary with the leash. Drug abuse may have also been a factor. Janas also appears to have kept a disturbing journal detailing months of torture. She detailed her hatred of the dog and her desire to kill the dog, revelling in the dog's pain and suffering.

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** PLEASE READ this is the : official criminal complaint:

Animal Abuse and Animal Neglect..
The AVMA recognizes that veterinarians may observe cases of animal abuse or neglect as defined by federal or state laws, or local ordinances. The AVMA considers it the responsibility of the veterinarian to report such cases to appropriate authorities, whether or not reporting is mandated by law. Prompt disclosure of abuse is necessary to protect the health and welfare of animals and people. Veterinarians should be aware that accurate, timely record keeping and documentation of these cases are essential. The AVMA considers it the responsibility of the veterinarian to educate clients regarding humane care and treatment of animals.
Despite the recent surge in reporting laws, some veterinarians and professional organizations hesitate to embrace such laws. Veterinarians have concerns over breaking client confidentiality with the owners of their patients as well as concerns about accurately detecting signs of animal abuse.

In recent years, many states have focused their attention on animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty reporting by veterinarians, health care providers, and other social service providers. Currently, AVMA is aware of eleven states that require licensed veterinarians to report certain suspected animal cruelty violations. Section 21 of the AVMA's Model Veterinary Practice Act encourages veterinarians to report animal abuse.


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