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Multi millionaire, owner of wildlife on easy Street disappeared a little over 15 years ago, on Aug. 18, 1997 from his home that he shared with his wife Carole Lewis, and her then teenage daughter Jamie Veronica......
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This petitioner, along with many others believe Mr. Lewis a self made Multi-Millionaire, was about to divorce his wife Carole Lewis when he disappeared. Don Lewis filed court documents seeking a domestic-violence injunction against Carole, accusing her of threatening to shoot him.

Mr. Lewis loved his money and would not just up and disappear voluntarily, leaving behind everything that he worked so hard to acquire; let alone leave it to a woman, he married with a $14 ring that was purchased from a pawnshop, and was getting ready to file for divorce.

It is our opinion that the ONLY person who stood to gain from Mr. Lewis’ disappearance, was Carole Lewis Baskin, and this petitioner along with many others, feel that the investigation into his disappearance was handled poorly & incompetently, and would like the State Attorney to look into this matter further.


Jason Brownlee

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