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(✺ What happened:
Do you know that the Taiwanese government has forced a removal of the cemeteries of the indigenous tribes for "development" projects?They do not know that they are imposing Han Taiwanese's "second burials" culture upon indigenous people. The Puyuma people have been living in Taiwan for centuries, but their lands have been robbed and confiscated by different regimes throughout history. They have been arrested in their ancestral forest for "destroying state's property" for their hunting ceremony. Now, even their sacred cemeteries are to be destroyed.

Do you know that the indigenous people have protested, but in vain? The government want to get away with it, claiming that there is no consensus yet among the tribe on this issue.

The government keeps asking the indigenous people to "negotiate" in order to achieve a consensus, AS IF they did not have one. This disingenuous excuse has strongly violated the spirit of democracy, freedom, and pluralism of the Taiwanese society.

It has been almost two years since the Katipul tribe started to fight. We have to stand up with the tribe, fight against the government, and stop the government from dismissing people's values and destroying their sacred lands. We demand the government reverse the policy of removing burial sites from ancestral lands of Puyuma and Amis people.



(✺ Our goal: Preserve the burials, build a museum nearby to illustrate the historical layers of the cemeteries and the cultural syncretism in the are, and document the resistance movements that are initiated by both non-indigenous Taiwanese people as well as indigenous people.





To see a letter more than 150 of us wrote to Mayor Chen, click:


En-Chieh Chao

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How this will help

When the government in Eastern Taiwan decides that the indigenous people's cemetery burials are "too ugly to be part of a tourist site, hence in need of a forced removal" they did not realize that...

When the government in Eastern Taiwan decides that the indigenous people's cemetery burials are "too ugly to be part of a tourist site, hence in need of a forced removal" they did not realize that they are repeating the colonizers' mentality: thinking they are "improving" the environment of the "savages." The burials involve the notion of ancestral spirits and the strong ties between ancestral lands and the people.

The tribes are strongly protesting against it, but the government did not drop the project yet.

We need your help to make this issue global. Please share the petition.

Please join us and make your voice heard. The government of Taitung County (and the Town) has to be stopped!






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