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Protect baby Thai elephants

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In 2007 I visited Thailand to experience the culture, enjoy the food and see their beautiful wildlife. Unfortunately I was unable to visit Chiang Mai where you can find well run, Elephant Nature Parks (such as and ended up in Koh Samui to meet up with some friends. In a last hope to see some wildlife, the resort sold us on an 'eco-safari' to see wildlife. It seemed odd to experience this first on an Island, but we thought we would try.

Unfortunately, you could tell it was poorly run and the animals were not kept well. We found a baby elephant on it's own, chained to a post and monkeys chained to a 'jungle gym', upset about their surroundings. In particular, baby elephants were trained to even give massages, which you will see in the video posted here.

Reading more about how these Baby Elephants are trained to do these types of 'stunts' - it's pretty shocking. On the PETA Asia-Pacific site it shares videos about how "baby elephants are taken from their mothers, tied down, and beaten so severely that they bleed and scream, all in order to force them to perform ridiculous tricks for tourists." To learn more, please take a read of this blog post:

I posted this video ages ago to share just with some family and friends the craziness I experienced. Since recently it has gotten more popular, I would like to encourage you to help spread the word about these types of safaris and the dangers they pose to Thai wildlife.

To raise money, I will be donating 100% of Adsense Revenues from this Youtube video to support the care of baby elephants through the organization Bring The Elephant Home - Learn more here:


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