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Educate One Person On Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment During Indigo Ribbon Month

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***So What is The Indigo Ribbon Campaign?***
The Indigo Ribbon Campaign is an international grassroots campaign on behalf of those who are victims of Organized Stalking and Electronic Assault/Harassment world-wide to achieve the goal of ending these crimes world-wide for all those who are effected and bring long-awaited justice to its victims. Created and started by the international website and first Indigo Ribbon Campaign website,, our affiliated campaign website exists as an activism and supportive platform for all affected by these crimes to work together to complete the mission of ending these crimes where ever they occur. We here at with as well as other affiliated and supportive organizations, individuals, groups and activists are working hard to see that goal come into fruition.

***What is Organized Stalking?***
Organized stalking is the covert harassment of an individual or individuals (called a Targeted Individual) by a criminal group of people intended to give that person the message that they are being stalked (watched) yet limit or prevent that person's ability to identify a single perpetrator. It is committed by a group of people, usually more than five persons, for a specific purpose, (mostly malevolent) however these groups will frequently masquerade as "concerned citizens" or a community watch group. Though there are many criminals within stalking groups, not all who are within these stalking groups are aware that they are committing crimes, some may not even know the true purpose of a stalking group. For more information on organized stalking & electronic harassment, visit our website at

***What is the Challenge?***
We at the Indigo Ribbon Campaign challenge you to approach people on the streets about either the Indigo Ribbon Campaign and its cause or if you run your own group dedicated to ending the crimes of Organized Stalking and Electronic Assault/Harassment world-wide and to return human rights to those who are effected by these crimes, to educate people about your group and its cause in ending these crimes. The challenge is to campaign, pass out flyers, etc. educate the public until you have educated at least one person on what Organized Stalking is (it is recommended to engage the public with this aspect of these crimes first since the public is more familiar with stalking crimes and terms such as stalking-by-proxy, workplace mobbing/bullying ---a crimes that is similar to organized stalking --- etc. before introducing the subject of Electronic Harassment/Assault). And that person walks away feeling more informed and knowledgeable about these crimes and its existence.
The main focus of this challenge is to get activists in gear and encourage them to reach out to the general public about these crimes as this is one way to help bring these crimes to an end. The more people who know about these crimes, the less likely it can continue to exist on any meaningful level. These two crimes rely on an unaware public to continue to exist, many of these stalking groups continue to front as, for example, "community watch groups" to cover one of its true purposes --- to serve organized crime purposes. The more people who are awake to these crimes, the less it can continue. Help to keep your community safe from these stalking groups and help those who are targets of these crimes. For more information on the Indigo Ribbon Campaign, resources for activism efforts, and other information houw you can help stop these crimes, visit our website at or the international website at
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