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People dedicated to championing the causes of peace & justice.

We are the co-signers of the One World Declaration of Peace & Justice.

We declare peace now inside of ourselves. We declare peace inside of our schools, our communities, and our families. We declare peace in between all people of all ethnicities, religions, beliefs, countries, genders, and creeds. We are responsible people, and we take constructive actions to realize these declarations.

We stand for the health, well-being, and happiness of every person. We acknowledge the fact that we are all one family - that of Earthlings. We stand in communication, partnership, and friendship creating a world where each and every person can survive, thrive, and live in peace. We are actively accomplishing projects, developing technologies, building companies, and running organizations which will effectively end famine, poverty, homelessness, disease, pollution, discrimination, corruption, tyranny, and war on Earth.

We stand for democracy and justice. We respect and defend all people as global citizens under International and Common Law in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are responsible people who respect science, rigorously seek truth, defend justice, and hold our leaders and politicians accountable. Governments and politicians are here to serve the people. We acknowledge it. We require it. They may no longer divide us and steer our world towards war for profit over the rights of the people. We realize that we have the ethical, social, intellectual, political, and economic power to bring about universally available clean energy, environmental sustainability, resource abundance, and world peace.

We support scientific discovery and innovative technology which forwards a safe, healthy, and sustainable future for our children. We stand for thoughtful, humane, and creative solutions that naturally dissolve away fear, hatred, conflict, and violence like water onto fire. We are actively overcoming corruption, division, and exploitation through education, transparency, and justice. We are former police officers and military soldiers who have ceased to enforce, fight, die, or kill for illegal, inhumane, unethical, or unjust national governing agencies. We are a community of whistle blowers and their supporters who are courageously speaking out about corporate, political, and governmental crimes against humanity.

We stand together to defend and take care of all our children with kindness and mercy. We stand in partnership and in service to humankind in the face of any and all natural or man-made disasters like global warming, Hurricane Patricia, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Japan, the lead-poisoning of water in Flint, the bombings in Paris and Brussels, and the hate violence in Charlottesville.

We are responsible communities of people dedicated to causing an international peace, justice, and education movement that local, state, country and global leaders must recognize, acknowledge, and respect. We are the change that Gandhi spoke about and the dream of Dr. King. We are standing up, voting, running for political office, planting trees, supporting non-GMO food, creating technological solutions, investing progressively towards peace, and marching now as necessary.

Your commitment to peace, love, leadership, truth, justice, respect, responsibility, health, happiness, non-violent protest, legal indictment and prosecution, conscious & ethical economic purchase & investment, service, integrity, education, and democracy is a real contribution and makes the difference!


Seth King

How this will help

This "One World Declaration of Peace and Justice" was co-authored by middle & high school teacher Seth D. King and his students. 

Mr. King has partnered with Ethiopian International Green Hero...

This "One World Declaration of Peace and Justice" was co-authored by middle & high school teacher Seth D. King and his students. 

Mr. King has partnered with Ethiopian International Green Hero Gashaw Tahir to create the "We Plant Peace" campaign! The "We Plant Peace" campaign is a part of Greenland Development Foundation (GDF)!

The more people that people commit themselves to living this "One World Declaration of Peace & Justice" and participate in the "We Plant Peace" Movement, the more the causes of education, the environment, justice, and peace will be supported, forwarded, and attained!

Thank you!


The students of Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #5 & Prepa Tec Los Angeles Middle School along with their teacher Mr. King


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