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Stand up for my right to clean water!

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Our nation's clean water laws are experiencing an unprecedented assault-- which is why we need you to stand up for your right to clean water.

In just the past two years, polluter-friendly members of Congress voted to weaken the Clean Water Act over 35 times. We need to make sure that these members here loud and clear that the American people will not allow our waterways to once again become industrial waste dumps.

Think for a moment about what clean water means to you. A glass of cool water on a summer day, growing a garden, family fishing trips, putting your children in the bath — clean water is essential to our way of life. Isn't that worth fighting for?

It took a movement to bring about the Clean Water Act- now we now need a movement to save it.

By signing the pledge, you agree to:

1) Hold your elected officials as well as state and federal environmental agencies accountable for decisions that allow industry to pollute our water. (We will make this easy for you to do!)

2) Save water by using electricity wisely. It requires more water to generate the electricity that powers our home, than the amount we use in our homes for everyday tasks—washing dishes and clothes, showering, flushing toilets, and watering lawns and gardens.*

3) Educate your friends about these issues. A movement is built one person at a time!

*Thanks to Union of Concerned Scientist for this information


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