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"Dear friends,
I'm a small and beautiful nobody's dog! I don't understand why I was thrown into the large and dangerous street because I don't not to get by myself, I was hit by a car, my leg hurts, my stomach is empty but I still hope that the door of the block I took shelter near, under the sky, maybe will open and someone will take me inside…but I already hope for days and I'm scared that the winter is coming or bigger dogs are coming or another car will hit me worse! I kindly ask you from all my soul to give me chance to a family which will love me for the rest of my life and I promise you in exchange I'll be good, I'll eat everything from my bowl and I'm going to love you very much!

With love, a sad tail,
Lora "

Any small donation is most welcome for Lora. We'll take care of her leg, internal/external deworming and we'll begin vaccination and so, when we'll find a family for Lora she'll be healthy and ready. THANK YOU!
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