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Some of you may know that one of my children, age 15 has disabilities. Fortunately and Unfortunately her disabilities are invisible to someone who does not know her. It is fortunate because you would think it would help her in the way for others to think she is just like them and unfortunate because then some people will look at her and think she is just like everyone else and does not know why she acts a certain way and why she struggles to make friends. Even family has shunned her. It is so sad. Kids want nothing to do with her because she is different, not like them and acts younger then they do.

Children with visible and invisible disabilities are significantly more likely than their peers to be the victims of bullying behavior. The type of bullying experienced often differs according to the child's disability.
Children with visible conditions, like cerebral palsy and spina bifida, are more likely to be called names or aggressively excluded from social activities. Children with learning disabilities report higher rates of teasing and physically abusive victimization. Obesity has also been linked to higher rates of bullying. Overweight girls are especially vulnerable to physical forms of bullying.

Children with special needs are not exclusively victims of bullying. Research suggests that children with ADHD are more likely to demonstrate bullying behavior than their typical peers. Impulsivity and a lower tolerance for frustration are characteristics of this disorder that are also associated with bullying. Peer relationships are often extremely difficult and complex for children with ADHD. They need support and supervision to practice healthy social interactions with others. Whether victim or perpetrator, school bullying impedes learning and stunts the development of a healthy self-esteem.

I am asking that you talk with your children and explain how hurtful this can be to a child who just wants to be "like everyone else", and how they didnt ask to be this way. These children want to feel a part of things and be welcomed by their peers.

To many children are depressed and committing suicide because of the hurtful actions of others. This is being allowed to often and we should put a stop to it!

Do something nice for a child in need today and teach your children to do the same, it will make a world of difference I AM SURE OF IT!


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