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Contribute to World Peace & invite my friends

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How this will help

Hey Comrades in Peace,
Many of you have done amazing work in recruiting new Peace Makers to our Tribe, hence spreading the peace. Remember that Peace Activism is the highest calling, so thank you to YOU for hearing that call!

Please keep up the good work and continue to bring people to join our Tribe of Peace....and slowly but surely it will become a reality, and the more people that do the same, the faster it will happen.

Times are a changing, This is evident wherever you look. The people are starting to speak up and violence, hate, war, greed is becoming intolerable to the masses at an alarming a good way of course. Our Tribe is getting bigger every day, as 1 by 1 the masses wake up to the call of their souls... a call for peace, love & unity. To return to our inner knowings of the way of Natural Order.

One sure way we can help this along is R.A.K, or...Random Acts of Kindness. I saw a sign today that said " One Random Act Of Kindness a day performed by as many of us as possible, will lead the world in the right direction towards World Peace". I believe this to be true. Lets all try it shall we?

Don't allow yourself to think for a second that YOU aren't making a difference, because YOU are!
We welcome you to post your messages of peace and do-able ideas in here.

I look forward to hearing YOUR story here. Peace and love always, Kaz :) ☮❤

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