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Hold CNN and corporate media accountable for their climate greenwash

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CNN has jumped the shark and is no longer a reliable, independent news source, as it has become increasingly indebted to fossil fuel advertising, and greenwashes abrupt climate change. CNN coal funding in particular has resulted in infrequent and biased daily news coverage of ecological issues, and has abetted US Presidential candidates' silence on climate change. As currently funded, if CNN told the truth on abrupt climate change, global ecosystem collapse, and the role of fossil fuels in these crises; it is doubtful whether CNN would even exist after the coal and other fossil fuel industries pulled their advertising. CNN must indicate how they will change their business model to allow improved, propaganda free, and increased coverage of the huge amount of daily news regarding our fossil fuel addiction; North America's tar sands, coal and fracking ecocide; and the many looming global ecological emergencies.


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