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Petition for the immediate police and and legal action for the case of Jeff Borromeo

Contrary to President Aquino’s boasted achievements in curbing the crime rate in the country, the nation is plague with incessant violence and criminality. Continuously unabated, the piling up cases of unsolved crimes against persons and properties in various parts of Metro Manila alone has now reached an alarming rate. While some occasional efforts are displayed, the recent spate of violence in many urban communities starts to sow fear among residents. With the law enforcement still inutile and bereft of its capacity to go after perpetrators, and with the justice system seemingly still very slow in dispensing justice for the victims and their families, all the promises for systemic change by the government sadly ring hollow up until this point.

Last October 7, 2012, 29-year old Jeff Borromeo was gunned down in cold-blood early in the morning at Adela St., Barangay Rizal, Makati City. Alleged suspect, Recardo "Rico" Bugaring and Genmar Bugaring are still at-large. As expected, there was a slow action in the part of the law enforcement agencies to obtain information with regard to the whereabouts of the suspect. The aggrieved family and friends were told by the investigating team that it would take 2 months for the court to release the warrant for his arrest. This is absurd in many ways, given that in most cases, these are the same law enforcement agents who are known to have the same ability to quickly release a warrant even for fabricated charges. While Borromeo’s death appears, at first glance, caused by a random act of senseless shooting, the case is in fact the latest in the statistics of uncontained violence in Barangay Rizal in Makati City.

The family and friends of Jeff is appealing for an immediate action against the assailant so he can be brought to the bar of justice. Moreover, the local government and police force is henceforth being challenged by the concerned residents to swiftly resolve the security threat in the area and show mettle and sincerity in carrying out their sworn duties to protect the lives and properties in the community.

Now that the election season is coming, a new set of aspiring politicians are aiming for seats in the government. We will be hearing again promises and extravagant words. But the crucial question is: will they commit to do something about this issue? At this point, the challenge goes as well to the residents of Barangay Rizal, Makati City. It is time to be vigilant. Let us unite and pray that the death of Jeff shall be the last one in the community.

In view thereof, family, friends, together with concerned residents, individuals, and organizations will launch a campaign that seeks justice for Jeff Borromeo’s death and to stop community violence in Barangay Rizal.

Stop community violence in Barangay Rizal! Justice for Jeff Borromeo!


Ako Si Jimmy

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Your support will help us draw attention from the local government to treat the case of Jeff not an isolated case but part of a series of criminal violence in our community.

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