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Dear U.S. Senators, House Representatives, President, and Vice President of the United States of America. We ask that you represent us, the citizens of this country, responsibly as you each took an oath to uphold the Constitution of our United States. This petition is to all branches of the United States government whom are accountable to properly represent us.

For the past 40+ years the First Amendment of the Constitution has been distorted and ignored by our state and federal courts. Please enforce our original Constitution First Amendments.

Separation of Church & State: After the June 17, 1963 ruling which resulted in prayer being taken out of schools, the Wall Street Journal commented that atheism was now "the one belief to which the state's power will extend its protection."

Is such a ruling NOT in fact, enforced communism within our country distorting our First Amendment? Is the ruling not mind control to "silence" others rights to "believe" or to have "belief" in themselves and righteousness? Is "prayer" not a confession out loud? Is it Constitutional for belief and prayer to be silenced? Has not the "beliefs" of some students of this free nation been silenced while others confess (pray) their beliefs out loudly abroad against the very founding rights of us all, starting with but not limited to banning prayer from our schools? Is not education coupled with righteous "belief" the key to success and freedom in America?

A "religion" is a belief being labeled. Therefor is not atheism a "religion" in itself yet demanding separation of itself from the "label?" Is atheism not very commonly verbally confessed (prayed) out loud in private, public, media, political arenas, and in our schools? The signal we are getting is that everyone is to be silenced except for the one religious belief labeled "atheism" and that righteous morals change with the "times." Is not this the same as saying "Cannibalism, murder, and anything else some people believe in is OKAY because there are some people whom practice such things in this world at this given time, and it's OKAY because it is their belief?"

"Moment of SILENCE" has been placed as a law, and is now required in place of any "prayer" which does overthrow the First Amendment of our Constitution. Does such law contract not send a CLEAR signal to students that morals, righteousness, and respectful thoughts are not important? Nothing could be more preposterous than banning righteous morals from being taught within our educational institutions, and that all USA Citizens are forced to live with that because "times have changed." Idleness (silence) truly IS evil's workshop. Evil's workshop is now labeled "gridlock" is it not? Therefor by upholding such restrictions of our rights, does such rulings not restrict equality, positive thinking, and progress? Because of these rulings, how many other rights are to be taken as "times" change?

Morality, self control, respect, and righteous intentions ARE important within our thoughts and society. Is not "school" itself the first place learning good knowledge, and how is good knowledge to be applied without wisdom to use that knowledge, not for evil, but for the sake of righteousness? Has it not occurred to anyone that knowledge can be used to do good OR evil? Does the ruling to stop all "prayer" in schools not also stop good will teaching of righteous ways to use other education taught within such institutions? What message does this send to all students of our schools, to our public, and to the world in general?

PLEASE RESTORE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF PRAYER IN OUR SCHOOLS. Choice of religion has absolutely nothing to do with this petition, however PRAYER helps a child (or any person any position) to feel good about themselves, their intentions, and our America. Prayer is an encouragement to use education and experience for good causes. Prayer is a right of free speech and does promote a feeling (will) of encouragement, self esteem, the will to do good, righteousness, and self worth in thinking patterns. Too many are IGNORING that wisdom of righteousness, good morals, respect, and ORDER are required in our schools along with expanding education. Prayer IS an absolute necessity which upholds the First Amendment of our Constitution. The ruling to remove prayer rights sets a foundation for removing ANY other rights as well.

Choice of religion (belief) is not the issue at all. Righteous thinking, morals, self control, and our Constitutional FREEDOMS ARE the issue of this petition. Furthermore, Christianity is not the "religion" as labeled. It is much more than just a "belief." It's a "relationship."

Biblical morals (Biblical laws) were used when establishing the United States of America. Some things once established can not be improved, time can not effect, and are best left alone.

Propaganda about the word "GOD" is also broadly emphasized by atheists much more aggressively since the ruling. Using "religion" and "the Bible" as an excuse is no reason for taking our rights away as a US citizen. Just because laws of our society also happen to be within the book referred to as "The Holy Bible" such is no excuse to change our Constitution founding the USA.

Since the rulings overturning our First Amendment, has NOT violence and evil actions within our schools escalated enormously? ; Has not domestic violence escalated everywhere not only in our homes, not only in public USA, but also around the world?

There is no argument as to what has happen since the offensive court rulings overturning and altering our First Amendment has done. Our citizen rights one by one are diminishing.

There are three landmark cases that changed the meaning of the First Amendment as it was previously understood and practiced in America. In these three cases a parent of a child in school petitioned the courts to stop the school from exposing their child to prayer in school, and any reading of the Bible in school. ACLU Lawyers used Thomas Jefferson's letter in the argument for the plaintiffs complaints. They argued that the founding fathers wanted a "wall of separation between church and State"; therefore, the government should be neutral to religion in schools, and as a result the Warren Court ruled that their would be no prayer in school nor Bible reading. The court's "majority ruling" reasoned that being neutral or not favoring one religion over another was the same as not allowing religious practices in school. This brings us to the word "religion."

Face it: Facts are, "religion" is a "smoke screen excuse" for avoiding teachings and practices of good MORALS and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Religion is a very poor excuse to change our First Amendment, and remove our rights that make this country the United States of America is in fact absurd. As fact, every action and manifestation of any construction or destruction of anyone or anything in this world first originates within a person's mind as a thought based upon their "belief" whether evil or good. Yes the USA is founded upon "beliefs" which do not include evil, socialism, nor communism.

One Nation Under God = One Nation Under Righteous Morality = One Nation Under Manifestations of Good over Evil. Good will, good thoughts, protection, and good manifestations require our First Amendment to remain forever the same in order for this country to BE the USA. Whether anybody or any student chooses to believe or not to believe in any certain "religious" culture, their choice to believe or not to believe in righteousness or evil does not effect prayer (confessing) what-so-ever. Prayer (confession) is about self and what self can do with a will to do "good things" with education, tools, knowledge, and talents else to do bad things with the same. Prayer is confessing the will of oneself to do righteous or evil. Our First Amendment was there for a purpose.

Prayer with righteous thought promotes and encourages students to use their education positively and wisely with pride. It promotes righteousness and self esteem. It is our Constitutional right to pray in our schools or anywhere we choose. To deny this right is to divide our states and our country.

Should any atheist parent or student wish to not join in prayer, they can have their "moment of silence" without restricting others from participating in their own encouraging righteous words of thought out loud in prayer. There is no justice for such communist laws anywhere within our society, especially within our school systems. There is NO justice in restricting education of wisdom and righteousness.

Therefore we confess (pray) "Please remove the Supreme Court's rulings restricting School Prayers of righteousness and good will. Please stop violating the First Amendment of the United States Constitution as it was originally established. Please uphold our Original Constitution."

The United States of America is One Nation Under God. Those whom do not believe in God may remain silent if they so choose, however all people have the right to prayer reinforcing POSITIVE thoughts, and righteous thinking anywhere in this nation. There are no laws restricting anyone from removing themselves from our nation under God, and our nation was not established under socialism nor communism.

Separation of or "a wall of separation between church and State" has absolutely nothing to do with our schools and prayer. Such a "Smoke Screen" should be removed to not restrict our children, nor any students from choice of morals, belief of righteousness, and belief in themselves.

Please lift this injustice within our society. Our country is not a communist nation, and we want all our Constitutional rights. Please restore and uphold the First Amendment. We want our country back. Thank you.


James Dennis Reynolds

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How this will help

Why sign this petition? TO KEEP AMERICA FREE...

Do nothing, and you could realistically see your freedoms disappear!..


Why sign this petition? TO KEEP AMERICA FREE...

Do nothing, and you could realistically see your freedoms disappear!..


You are requesting our Government work hard to represent YOU; To help YOU keep YOUR OWN Constitutional rights and freedom as a USA Citizen.


You are asking our Government to represent restoration of, and to uphold the First Amendment.

VERY IMPORTANT: In addition to signing this petition, Write, e-mail, or fax your U.S. senators, your House Representative, the President and Vice President about this very serious matter. You may copy and paste this very same letter or create your own asking to restore and uphold the First Amendment of the Constitution of the USA. Remind them that they took an oath to up hold the Constitution of the United States, and it is their duty to hold all branches of the government accountable.

You can find out how to contact your senator and congressman at the following WEB sites.


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