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Judge Camille M. Kenny, Superior Court of NJ. Chancery Division-Family Part, County of Union


My name is Michael P. Ward. Over the last several weeks I stumbled upon some very credible information that I am trying to get out to the masses!

Please allow me to start off by stating I have been an insulin dependent juvenile diabetic for 18 years and have been suffering with Gastro-Poresis/Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome/Abdominal Migraines for about 7 years. These Cyclic Vomiting episodes land me in the hospital every so often with a paralyzed digestive system and nausea/vomiting so severe, I am unable to stop for 5-10 days, and I remain totally unresponsive to conventional nausea meds such as Zofran and Reglan. Thus ultimately leads to severe dehydration. Typically, they have to keep me on IV fluids and doped up on Dilaudid or other narcotics in order to stop the pain caused by these “abdominal migraines”. Usually, they have to get me strung out on prescription narcotics just so I’ll sleep, yet I’ll still wake up just to vomit more of the nothing in my stomach. It has been said to me that what I go through is worse than what most chemo patients endure.
I have been using cannabis for about 6 years to help me cope with CVS. Over the last couple years, my use of cannabis has caused a lot of legal trouble for me, as well as those who have been around helping me.
I am now 30 years old, married for 5 years this coming January to the girl I've loved for the last 13 years, and we have a beautiful 4 year old son. We have been through literal Hell because of this disease, and I know we are NOT alone. This condition has been approved by NJ for Medical Marijuana. I had an appointment with a state licensed Medical Marijuana dr. to get my ID card, however, a recent unwarranted 3 week stay in a local psych hospital, brought on by DYFS, has prevented me from doing so.

Thanks to Tommy Chong(from Cheech and Chong) curing his Prostate Cancer, I learned that I can be completely cured of diabetes in as little as 2 months, using an oil derived from cannabis. This oil is so simple to make, it can be done with a coffee pot if one lacks more appropriate appliances at home. There is a video on YouTube by a man named Rick Simpson called “A Run From the Cure” which goes into more details about how it works and how to make it. Hemp Oil (not to be confused with Hemp Seed Oil which contains no THC or any Cannabinoids) has been proven to cure tens, if not HUNDREDS, of other diseases that plague this world. Some of these diseases include Cancers, AIDS, Diabetes, HIV, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Chron's Disease, Severe Burns, Psoriasis, Arthritis, Drug and Alcohol Addiction, as well as many other conditions which you or someone you love or know probably suffers from right now.

Due to my use of this natural medicine, I lost my 4 year old son to corrupted DYFS(Division of Youth and Family Services) and medical systems. Although my wife was able to regain custody, I have lost all but visitation, which is to be supervised by DYFS and limited to a mere 2 hours per week. Judge Kenny, of the Union County Superior Court, is who made this order after reading falsified reports supplied by DYFS, and without ever seeing or speaking to me.

So far the Union Co. Prosecutor's Office, Union County Sheriff's Department, Union County Police, Elizabeth Police, Linden Police and the Mayor's Offices of both towns, as well as others throughout the County, have been informed and sincerely wish me the best of luck.

Also, the UCPO opened, investigated, and immediately CLOSED this case. They REFUSE to file criminal charges against me! If what I did was so horrific and I seriously endangered my sons’ life, why would they NOT bring me up on charges? Because even they know what I did was completely HARMLESS!

My son was about 3 steps away from being diagnosed with ADHD or a similar condition, as we were having severe behavioral problems with him at home as well as in school. As most of us know, in today’s society, basically everyone has to have some sort of title, which they happen to have a pill or a combination of pills used to “treat” the said condition. Being his father and wanting what’s best for him, I tried to avoid him getting a label that would stick with him at least throughout the rest of his school career. At the same time, I was attempting to avoid any possibility of doctors placing him on any pharmacological agents, of which, most are known to have short and/or long term side effects. Since I read that Hemp Oil is being used effectively to combat ADD, ADHD, and more serious conditions such as brain tumors in children as young as 2 years old, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I applied a bit of Hemp Oil, equal to about a grain of rice, on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I then fed it to my son. The results were AMAZING! For the first time in about 2 years, he slept peacefully throughout an entire night. When he woke the following morning, instead of being groggy and irritable, he was full of love and energy, which, according to my wife, lasted for about 2 1/2 weeks, while I was away in a psych unit.

Upon seeing such promising results, I decided I wanted to be a part of getting this information out. On August 19th, I called the Elizabeth Police Department in an attempt to report my findings and go on public record. I really believe they were trying to help and had me transported to Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth. Knowing it has a “top notch” cancer center and is a teaching hospital, I thought they would be interested in such information. I couldn’t have thought more wrong! They only cared to label me and lock me up in their psych unit for 11 days.

I have come to the realization that all they care about is prescribing medications and treating, not curing, debilitating diseases. On August 29th, I was discharged without medication, but only after signing a DYFS Protection Plan which stated I could not reside in the same house as my wife and son. On September 6th, while visiting my son at home, my wife received a call from the investigating worker. The worker asked if I was living in the house, to which my wife replied "He is here more than he isn’t." The worker immediately fired back with "You know that's a violation of our contract, right? We'll be in touch!" The wife and I were on our way out the door to do some food shopping and we continued to carry out our plans. While at the grocery store, we received another call from a family member, informing us that DYFS was there with the police to carry out a Child Removal Order... By the end of the night, they were able to execute that order and removed our son from our custody! The following day, psychiatric screeners showed up at my parents’ house with the police to escort me back to Trinitas, where I underwent yet another psychiatric evaluation. After speaking with a couple screeners and a doctor for a few minutes, they determined I was in a "manic state" and needed to be admitted into the psych unit once again. This time, I was held for an additional 21 days. During this stay, several of my patient rights were violated. I exhibited no signs of wanting to hurt myself or others and I was extremely cooperative with the entire staff, yet I was being held against my will! In the 21 days I was admitted, I was lucky to spend a total of about 15 minutes with a psychiatrist and I wasn't being given any direct answers as to why I was being held so long or what my "treatment plan" was. Around the 17th or 18th day I was there, I started to catch wind that I was going to appear before a mental health judge, as the hospital was pushing for me to be shipped to a long term facility. It was at this time I had my family contact my lawyers to see what could be done. The next day, my 2 lawyers showed up at the hospital to see exactly what their plans were. When my lawyers informed the medical director that they were aware of my rights being violated, it was decided that I would still have to appear before the judge, but they were going to put me in an "Involuntary Outpatient Commitment" program. Basically, I was forced into attending an outpatient drug program. If I do not completely comply with this program, I will be immediately picked up and brought back to the hospital and then transported to a long term facility. I still do not understand how after spending a scattered 20 minutes with a couple doctors, I was diagnosed as Manic Depressive and/or Bipolar.

I am trying to build public support to show Judge Kenny that I am NOT the crazed lunatic the reports make me out to be. I would really like to petition Judge Kenny to reunite me with my wife and son. If you aren't already familiar with Hemp, PLEASE do your own research and see all the many benefits of the cannabis plant. It truly has, quite literally, TENS OF THOUSANDS of uses, both medically and industrially! Everything from real cures to renewable energy are possible from the use of this naturally growing plant, which is adaptable to almost any climate!

Once you realize the truth about this plant, PLEASE SUPPORT MY CAUSE!! I’m not one to ask much of anyone, but I am seriously asking for people from all over to back me up on this, so I can be back with my family.

You may contact me for further information at:

FaceBook under Michael King Ward.

Follow me on Twitter @King32182

Or you can email me @ [email protected]

I plan to be accessible to anyone, at any time and to bring this incredible information into the spot light! Kindly contact me A.S.A.P. if you have a better idea that may send a more powerful message!
Michael P. Ward
Elizabeth, NJ


Michael Patrick Ward

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How this will help

This petition is to show Judge Kenny that people are aware of the suppression of valuable information in regards to cannabis being REAL MEDICINE for practically ALL AILMENTS and it's not...

This petition is to show Judge Kenny that people are aware of the suppression of valuable information in regards to cannabis being REAL MEDICINE for practically ALL AILMENTS and it's not something people just use to get high!

By signing this petition, you are stating that you are aware it is completely harmless, is in fact very beneficial, and allows "sick" people to have another chance at a healthy life!

The fact is, hemp has been proven safe and effective in a vast amount of conditions, in people of all ages!! We all have an endo-cannabinoid system that regulates how cells work. When a person is sick, their cells aren't working properly because the required cannabinoids aren't present. By ingesting high quality Hemp Oil, you are restoring those cannabinoids as well as activated THC, which allows the body to relax. When the body is resting/sleeping, it is able to concentrate more on the repair process, ultimately restoring health!

These are scientific FACTS and not something I imagined while being "high on THC"!

Please sign this petition to tell Judge Kenny that the people are awake to the fact that there is real, natural medicine, put here by Our Creator, I chose to use it in a medicinal fashion, and I would NEVER place my son in jeopardy of being harmed!!!


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