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State of New Jersey Animal Advisory Board

Dear Animal Advisory Board for the State Of New Jersey
We are deeply concerned that one of the people you have on your current animal advisory board has a conflict of interest and should not be on your animal advisory board. Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue was charged by the USDA in 1997 of animal neglect and animal abandonment under the name of Carole Lewis and which her husband of that time Don Lewis is still missing and the family believed he had been fed to the tigers as his body has never been found. At least we would petition you to polygraph Carole Baskin to clear her name if she is going to set on a board that makes the decisions that effect the lives of thousands of people and animals.


Joe A Schreibvogel

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To make sure that people on such a board are on the up and up and have no conflict of interest in such a matter that will effect the lives of thousands of people and animals.


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