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Hi my name is Axel; and I am a Pit Bull. I am five years old, and at the moment I am sitting up here at the animal shelter waiting to see if I am going to die. I love riding on dirt bikes with my owner Jimmy. I love to climb ladders and swinging on grape vines. Well anyway where I live is in Bramwell WV. On a farm in the woods were you can’t see any of your neighbors. To make a long story short about five years ago something was killing animals up there, and bears, wild cats, foxes, and a lot of other wild life are often seen in these woods. Anyway some of the neighbor’s dog was attacked six years ago, and they claimed that it was my owners’ husky back then. My owner won when they went to court. As of now, however the same thing has happened again. So the neighbors called the animal shelter. They came up here the first time when called and said I was friendly and nice. Never have I bite anyone or killed another animal. Well a few days later they came back and took me and my two younger female dogs that are pits as well like me, and yes I am a male pit. Anyway we went to court once and they had a lawyer why my owner did not and we lost. We appealed so now we go to court again in November. They used pictures as evidence from what happened five years ago, when I was not even born yet. I am so afraid that I am going to die for something I didn’t do. We cannot afford a lawyer so it doesn’t look good- but my owner gets up at 4:30 am every morning and goes to bed by 8:30 no later than 9, so I am inside the house and in bed by then as well. The last attack was at 11 at night.Then I was told it happen early that morning I was inside with my owner asleep. Please help me, I don’t want to die or be thrown away like a piece of meat. We are good dogs and very smart, if anyone has any idea how I can be saved please let us know.


Beverly Butt

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How this will help

This dog has done nothing wrong. He has been locked up for a while now. I just want to see him go home. He is loved very much. PLEASE HELP HIM LIVE.


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