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Over the last year the Lord has blessed us with a bountiful amount of physical donations of medical & dental equipment, clothing, tools & building supplies, power generators and enormous amounts of sports equipment. We are truly grateful to all of those who have made such wonderful gifts so that we can further assist missionaries on the field teams in the Dominican and Haiti as they continue to carry on the hard work there on the island. This equipment will have a tremendous impact on the field in the areas we serve!

This however (as often in ministry) has presented a new challenge. How do we get all of this down to the people who desperately need it quickly! We are looking to ship over 33,000 !!! pounds of equipment and supplies. We have worked with a Cargo Company and are able to get a shipping container large enough to get everything there but we desperately need your help! The cost for the container and to ship all of this is going to run $5000. (with Customs fees on the other side)

We would like you to prayerfully consider helping make this happen so that we can get these desperately needed materials to our missionaries in the Dominican and Haiti. Ministry work needs people, equipment and funds. We are asking that 67 folks step up with $75.00 and make this happen!!

Could it be you?

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