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Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker [New Zealand]

Petition to Halt the Indoor Rodeo at Claudelands Arena Hamilton

Under the monitoring and implementation clause (6) of the Event Venues Booking Policy which allows Hamilton City Council to respond to triggers and request a Policy Review, we ask for a halt to the ugly spectacle of hi-tech indoor arena Rodeo.

We ask that The General Manager of Events and Economic Development and the General Manager of Community consider the council’s obligations to prevent risk of/and injury to animals on Council property as well as considering how or if the legal and venue compliance obligations are being met in the staging of International Rodeo. Furthermore we believe that under the Principles of Policy the event fails to meet legal obligations as follows.

We do not believe that the current operating Animal Welfare Act (1999) and the Animal Welfare (Rodeos) Code of Welfare 2004 were written with any consideration of the concept of indoor arena rodeo events. There is no provision for the use of pyrotechnics so it is possible; the 2011 staging of the event is in breach used many pyrotechnic flash pots and so will the 2012 event in November.

We ask that Hamilton City Council reconsider how they concluded that results from the Hamilton Citizens Poll were a signal to go ahead and support an event exploiting animals for entertainment. We ask them to ask themselves just what is so entertaining about a frightened animal. It is only right to consider the well thought out submissions of the 266 petitioners via SAFE, likely all well informed and appreciating of the ethical question plus the 30 definite objectors as per the citizens poll versus 170 or so respondents more focused on Erotica Expo issues of civil liberties. We ask them to look at how much effort was really put by the policy committee into appreciating the ethical questions surrounding Rodeo and in fact appreciating that it is a question of ethics and NOT MORALS. They are elected for their wisdom and one would hope sound ethics in animal welfare issues is a part of that.

We ask Hamilton City Council to consider two further very important damages:

Damage to our children – on the one hand taught in Enviro-schools to treasure and respect other species and on the other being set examples of cruel and unthinking behaviour.

Damage to our reputation, regionally, nationally and globally. This is made worse by the direct promotion to corporates of ringside tables promising an “experience to remember” getting close to the action. If council is not to interfere in commercial events at Claudelands then most certainly it should be refraining from any promotion contra role. On the global platform of a website, it is a major embarrassment.

The next Rodeo is due to happen in Hamilton 24 November. Hamilton city should reconsider whether or not it is time to intervene in the interests of animal welfare and good taste. Erotica Expo was about consenting adults where no one would be harmed; to have gain leverage from that issue and used it to engineer an outcome seemingly staging rodeo with the general mandate of Hamilton’s residents is to misrepresent the changing times. Hamilton should not cling on to the right to hold events best left in the last century, just because it can.

Please review the Rodeo decision urgently.


Kim Martins

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The reality of Rodeo; whilst it is a sad fact that many animals sustain severe if not fatal injuries when used for entertainment in Rodeos, it is perhaps sadder that one can almost guarantee each...

The reality of Rodeo; whilst it is a sad fact that many animals sustain severe if not fatal injuries when used for entertainment in Rodeos, it is perhaps sadder that one can almost guarantee each and every one of them has felt fear and confusion. Add to that, the assault on the senses presented by the spectacle of Indoor Arena Rodeo and you have the basis of this petition in one. Shortly in November 2012, Hamilton City, New Zealand will for a second time host The International Rodeo run by independent promoter Force Majeure Events International. Please take a couple of minutes to read the background and then sign our petition asking for an end to this event not only in Hamilton, but also in Dunedin, New Zealand.


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