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Without religious tolerance, it is impossible to counter dangerous beliefs of religious extremism that lead ultimately to terrorism, increase paranoia, justify gross military expenditure, threaten the safety of people around the world, and destroy the fabric of global brotherhood. 
Militant jihad and punishments for apostasy are two of many tenets in a non-secular society, that equate to spreading religion by the sword. Spreading religion by the sword is in itself, colonialist and dangerous. Matters of personal convictions of faith should be an issue between a person and his/her deity, not one for a civic state to police. To the contrary, a civic society really has not performed its duties, if it cannot safeguard the right to religious freedom, of all its citizens; Neither can members of such a society claim to be their brothers' keepers, knowing that religious intolerance is afforded legislative legitimacy.
Apart from helping to build global brotherhood, religious tolerance is important for Africa specifically, because there is no other way to preserve the legacy of Pan African founders - all of whom were secular - for the African people, except through secularism (What is Secularism? ).  Religious tolerance will create a more healthy, authentic and transparent way to foster relations between Arab and Black Africa, and Africa and the Middle east. It will consequently reduce the risk of humanitarian interventions and foreign violations there, as the political clime will not be one conducive for indoctrinating and fostering jihad militancy. 


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