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Raise $5,000 to help women through their journey of breast cancer and treatment.

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How this will help

When I was traveling to Lafayette Cancer Center in Brewer, Maine, I found that gas was pretty expensive. I only lived 60 miles round trip away from my Cancer Center. I received radiation with women whom had traveled more than 150 miles away, one way. Gas Cards come in handy for the traveling.

My first wig cost $100, and that is Synthetic. A real hair wig costs at least $300.

My medicine was covered by my insurance but could you imagine what it would have cost without it? Phenergan, Decadron, Neupogen (for neutrophils during chemo), Zofran IV, Other anti-nausea meds prior to chemo, Chemotherapy (about $3,000/treatment, 8 treatments in all), Bilateral Mastectomy ($5,000 deductible X2, continued treatments past January 1 new year, new deductible), groceries, etc. And all of this, I was out of work for 11 months during my treatment.

So, My goal is to raise money past my needed $1,800 for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, to purchase gas cards for patients at the Lafayette Cancer Center. It means a lot to me to help others going through this journey, not only breast cancer but all cancers.

Please join me in raising money for this wonderful cause. I have a paypal account attached to my Charitable Account. paypal address is [email protected] or you can visit my website and make a donation there.

Please spread the word and forward this to your friends and family, to anyone who you think will help all women fight this terrible disease.

Jennifer Bagley
1+ yr Survivor

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