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God has given a great idea for soul winning so I want to introduce you to the 144,000 Project. This is an invitation, if after examining it thoroughly and then decide to participate, the you will be asked to buy one e-book at $1.44 of the Christian novel Frameworks: The Price of Delusion from the publisher for yourself in any format that works best for you, from PDF, Kindle, ect. That is so you can read it. Then you think of an unsaved person in your circle and use the amazon gifting option to send them one as a gift. That is all that is involved with purchasing. The second part involves talking to your Christian friends, fellow pastors and church members about the project and introduce them to it. Please learn about our cause and how your involvement will fund a Christian movie, help win millions of souls to the kingdom. This a soul winning strategy with evangelization & Kingdom building in mind. -- Brief Description: Disguised as a secular story, this over 700 page novel in your hands becomes a powerful witnessing tool. Capturing the imagination of the secular crowd, this story takes a plunge into the Top Secret world of human experimentation and exploitation. It takes us on a journey through the technology and scientific attraction of what would become the mark of the beast. It gives a plausible look at how the worlds' religions will one day be consolidated and just how easy it will be for one world dictator and his false prophet to take control. -- First contact with extra-terrestrials', the great apostasy and human life enhancement technology are all part of this multi-genre psychological thrill ride. -- We want to have at least 144,000 initial participants or more in the project in the first 90 days or by 1-17-2012

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