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Who doesn't know what a Gift is? When we try to find the best gift for a special someone, it gives us a lot of headaches. When we are un-wrapping a gift box, we are anxious and excited. When we got the right gift, we stand in front of a surprised, happy face. Sometimes we get away from a situation, with the right gift. Gifts under the Christmas tree remind us of our childhood. There is a variety of symbolic gifts with a special meaning for everyone.

Priceless gifts are usually un-expensive. I do not encourage live animals to be offered as gifts in any occasion because they must be treated with responsibility, commitment and represent a decision that must be calculated well in advance.

What if a gorgeous furry ball is named Gift? Whom is the chosen "gift" and whom gets the gift of a spoiled life?
Simple answer: Gift is not anything else then a gift itself. Gift will be getting the priceless gift of a safer, happy spoiled future – which means everything to him and this priceless gift will come from a special someone that will be getting, at his turn – the gift of love, true friendship and loyalty – where else you'll get such an offer, all in one?

Gift was found by Flori in a morning, when she was coming to work.
He is male, about 3 months old, very playful and sociable, curious and energetic. He has the natural gift to convince you to laugh, not matter how depressed you would be. Meeting Gift you will understand. It created immediately a special bond and you'll never be able to love a puppy, ever - more.

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