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California Governor Brown, Daly City Mayor Gonzalo Sal Torres and Bay Area Lawmakers

Wrangling and roping of livestock at rodeos for entertainment is legalized animal torture. Want to see for yourself? Then take a look here:

The Bay Area is supposed to be a role model when it comes to human rights, the environment and even animal rights. So how is it that in 2012, the Cow Palace is STILL allowing rodeos to engage in the wrangling, strangling and cruel roping of livestock for "sport" and "entertainment"??

This is absolutely disgusting and we should be ashamed of ourselves.

If you agree, then please sign this petition and tell California Governor Brown and Daly City Mayor Gonzalo "Sal" Torres that if they allows rodeos, then he should make damn sure that not a single animal is injured or hurt in the name of sport and entertainment.


Taraneh Moayed

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We have a moral and legal obligation to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.


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