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, as a Member of WE THE PEOPLE OF WA, work to support the efforts of the WTPC Organization to use t

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How this will help

The group we'd like you to join will use a National digital network to make it easier for Citizens to fulfill the obligations of good Citizenship. In particular, that obligation includes monitoring Government at all levels for failure to align their actions with Constitutional requirements. With many participants and good technology, the workload can be shared so that most Members need only devote a few hours per month to the effort. Of course, if you wish to apply more effort, that will be greatly welcomed.

There are LINKS to an existing website and a brief video that helps explain the Group you will be joining and how you can help.

Please check out the video and website and then sign up. You can be assured that the ideas and efforts you contribute will be greatly appreciated by many of your fellow Members. But importantly, your efforts will be critically important to our Nation's future just as we appreciate those of America's original Founders.

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