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Bullying is what caused Amanda Todd to commit suicide. The young lady is gone, but yet the bullying continues and Facebook is allowing it to happen. If we don't stop Facebook now, cyber bullies will continue to target their victims which could lead to more tragic suicides. Help save the life of a child and force Facebook to remove all the degrading photos, groups, and pages that the bullies have created. Amanda Todd deserves to RIP and her family deserves to mourn the loss of their loved one without having to bear witness to the continued bullying of Amanda.

Sadly, there was another tragic suicide of a teenager that was being bullied over a mistake she made. Felicia Garcia. Once again, the bullies brought it to Facebook Unlike Amanda, Felicia didn't have family that she could turn to, she was in the Foster Care System. She wasn't raised with the same moral upbringing that most children are. Regardless, in both cases, moral upbringing or not, mistakes made or not, neither one of them deserved to be bullied to death. No one deserves to be bullied. There's just no excuse for it. None!

We need to stop Facebook from allowing this to continue on their watch! Before another child decides the bullying is too much and takes their life because they can't deal with it.

I will also be starting another petition to turn over to the Federal Lawmakers. We need a law that holds not only the bullies accountable, but their parents as well. Maybe then, parents will start to watch what their bully children are doing. I will post the link for that when I have completed it.


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