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We are asking US Government to investigate and take legal action against discrimination practices openly advertised by EXPEDITION AMERICA LLC., Delaware Corporation, dba This online US retailer of tourist goods promotes discrimination based on age, gender, handicapped abilities and sexual orientation while inviting people to join their training program as shown at
"Admission requirements:
age: the young men from 23 to 27 years old girl from 21 to 27 years,
the absence of serious health problems,
traditional sexual orientation."

We are asking to take an immediate legal action against this business as applicable by current US Federal and State laws.

Additionally, we are petitioning US Department of State to inform US Consulates abroad and USCIS that owners and executives of Russian owned holding Ruyan that owns EXPEDITION AMERICA LLC. are engaged in discrimination practices and persecuting people based on their sexual orientation. We encourage US Consulates and USCIS to carefully evaluate their eligibility for US visas and/or other immigration benefits.

**UPDATE** #1
Gays can NOT be "heroes and wizards"!
Disabled, Women and Elderly can NOT be Entrepreneurs!

At least this is what US branched online travel goods retailer "Expedition" (Ruyan Holding, Russia) says.
On November 8, 2012 on their official Facebook page, in response to Spectrum Human Rights alliance (
questions regarding sexual discrimination policies, "Expedition" responded (in Russian):
"We are looking for real heroes and wizards. However, such roles are suitable for people with "traditional sexual orientation."
...We stand for good deeds. Hunger-strikes and gay parades are not such deeds." (
Detailed story about this infamous retailer was reported here:
As well as by numerous LGBT news sites and media such as:,

and Russian sources in English:

Please help us stop this discriminating employer and business in the USA.

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**UPDATE** # 2

After a publication in a popular UK news source GayStarNews by journalist Matthew Jenkin at
Their corporate "fan page" on Facebook turned to xenophobic, anti-American and anti-British rhetoric. Yet, they wish to continue doing business in those countries and even sell franchises.
Read more here:

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Larry Poltavtsev

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Please sign this petition if you believe that all people are equal and should never be discriminated based on age, gender, handicapped abilities and sexual orientation.


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