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take a breath for peace, love & unity on 11/11 - "ONE DAY"

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Sisters and brothers,

Do As One's vision is to unite one billion people to consciously breathe together.

On 11/11, this year and every year after, we are inviting the world to celebrate a new global holiday called ONE DAY.

On this day, for ONE synchronous hour, we will come together to do whatever most powerfully connects us to the qualities of peace, love and unity. Whether it is through prayer, parties, meditation, chanting, dancing, singing, laughing, yoga, sports or baking cookies..we envision one billion people collectively connecting in whatever way is most meaningful for them.

Then, after the hour, we are inviting everyone to consciously breathe together for 11 minutes in the Universal Breathing Room on

Take the pledge. Take a breath for peace, love and unity!


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