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Choose Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living

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In this year, 2012, our personal freedoms, environment and biodiversity have become critically endangered by our mismanagement of global resources.

Our goal is to help lower the environmental impact of the homes and lives of those living who wish to become sustainable and to protect our earth. To reach that goal we provide education in sustainability, promote local green events, provide information and resources for renewable energy alternative, free local resource in sustainable information, and create connections to other green organizations throughout the world.

Developing more sustainable communities and advocating for renewal energy alternatives is important to our national goals of strengthening our economy, creating good jobs now while providing a foundation for lasting prosperity, using energy more efficiently to secure energy independence, and protecting our natural environment and human health and building cashless societies where everyone can live totally debt free.

We come together to help people around the country develop more environmentally and economically sustainable ways of living and doing business.

We need to grow an entirely new world society based on fairness, common sense and survival and sustainability.

We are doing our part. Please join me. The doors are open to environmentally safe ways of living in a debt free society.


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