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Dear friends,

We are used not to have a free time for rest not even Saturday or Sunday, not to know vacations, our phones to ring day and night with all kind of requests which we can hardly cope with. Many don't understand that we do this hard work in parallel with our own work from which we must support ourselves and more, they believe we have support from the state which is completely wrong because we receive no fund from the state, we only count on you, our friends, who help us to overcome all kind of difficult problems with payments for the clinics, maintenance, food, medicines and more, our volunteers and close friends from abroad who are filling their homes with our animals till they succeed to place them in adoption.
At the end of the week we were overcome by situation! Saturday were the 6 puppies remained orphans that we were happy we've succeeded to place them separately and to care for them in their mother's place but Sunday begun with a desperate call for other 7 puppies, abandoned near the road, big enough to wonder around but still too small to make it on their own. We had to go urgently to take then because it would have ended tragically! We believe you can imagine the hard time and with no exit we are facing now! Hardly had we placed other big dogs together in order to make space for these little ones, bedding and a place we can care for them safely.

Again we kindly ask you to help us with publicity, with no matter how little you can which for us means a lot and we thank you for this from all our souls! Only together we succeed always!

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