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Support Young Farmers to Secure the Future of European Agriculture

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The number of young farmers in Europe today is falling fast. We have reached a point where only 6% of farmers across the European Union are under the age of 35. The situation is even more alarming in some Member States, where the young represent less than 3% of the entire farming community. For a continent which embodies the key value of sustainability, this is not a promising figure.

Action must be taken now to guarantee that European agriculture will deliver the quality and competitiveness European society expects in food production. If we do not stop the imminent age-related crisis, then environmental protection, job creation, biodiversity conservation, and food security will be under threat. The lack of generational renewal in farming will lead to an array of other problems, too: the sustainability, prosperity and diversity of rural areas will soon be at stake. However, these challenges can be overcome – and young farmers are the solution.

The European Union is endowed with young, innovative agricultural entrepreneurs, looking for opportunities to address these challenges, eager to implement the changes they want to
see for the environment and productivity, and ready to invest in Europe's future, and their own.

Now is our chance: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is undergoing reform for 2020, presenting a prime opportunity to make the necessary changes towards an environmentally, economically and demographically sustainable European agriculture. Our task is by no means impossible – there are innovative and ambitious young people all over Europe ready to get their teeth into your future food production. They just need support getting through the farm gates.

This CAP reform must address the current age crisis in European agriculture so that it will have the motivated, well-prepared farmers it needs to address tomorrow's challenges today.

We must secure our future, our food, our farmers.

I, the undersigned, call upon the EU institutions to prioritise generational renewal in European agriculture in the coming CAP reform.


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