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October Kicks off our Fall Fund Drive. Help us reach $2500 to create change in Texas.

Transgender Education Network of Texas does many things throughout the state. These fall into 7 main focus areas

We reach out to like minded organizations and individuals to foster awareness of Transgender issues. We help local leaders to create a network of trans folk and allies in their municipalities for support and education. Outreach is absolutely critical to the enhancement of understanding within and without the LGBT community. Some of our programs in this focus area include.

Networking with local organizations to deliver trans reality based content for discussion locally. In Houston this takes the form of "TransTexas Teas" a monthly discussion in conjunction with the TG Center to host speakers on a variety of services and topics that impact gender diverse Texans.

On the job transition related coaching for businesses where an individual is transitioning on the job.

Working with youth organizations throughout the State of Texas, TENT helps younger people gain more self acceptance. Working with schools and colleges, we help administrators and teachers to better deal with those who are struggling with their gender identity as well as their peers.
Outings and close work with Youth First in Dallas and Out Youth in Austin

TENT has speakers on a variety of subjects concerning Transgender topics, from Transgender "101" to Affecting Policy Change on a Local Level to Transitioning in the Workplace. Our Cultural Competence Committee has speakers ready at a moment's notice to speak to your group to promote a better awareness of Transgender issues.

Examples include:
Statewide Speakers Bureau
Cultural Competency Training for Organizations, Healthcare professionals and others interested in obtaining CEU credit
Annual Health Conference
TransTexas Webinars - online webinars on particular topics of benefit to professionals and the public alike.

We work at the State Capitol to promote policies that treat Gender Diverse Texans with Equality. We work with other local organizations to expand Human Rights Ordinances around the State to include language covering Gender Identity and Expression. We also partner with Equality Texas, allgo and other statewide organizations to achieve equality, acceptance and understanding for all LGBT Texans throughout the State.

We work with Texas religious organizations and institutions towards a more wholesome and inclusive welcoming of gender diversity into their church. This takes time and congregational will, and so takes time to discuss and address concerns about faith and trans realities
Examples of offerings:
Inclusive Welcoming programming offered by the Institute for Welcoming Resources
Board Member speakers trained in trans-faith matters

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