Sign the Petition to Hon. Elizabeth Senterfitt and the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court, Duval County, Florida

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Children should have a voice. We should be entitled to at least basic human rights. As a minor, in the State of Florida, however, I am not. I should be covered under our Constitution which says we are all created equal. As a minor in the State of Florida, I am not. I should know I have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The State of Florida says even though I will be 15 in December of 2012, I am entitled to none of those freedoms. I am hoping your signature will be my voice and the judge over my mother's custody fight for me will see by doing anything but leaving me with my mom is completely wrong. I am terrified of the man she was married to and even though he adopted me, I never meant anything to him. He is using me and this case to hurt my mom. He was horrible to us when he was here. Please save my life by signing this and helping me stay with my mom. Thank you.


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