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Question: Should Ken Salazar continue to serve as the Secretary of the Interior--to oversee, manage, and decide the fate of our wolves, and our wild horses/burros?

Answer: NO!!! His record speaks for itself---he played a key role in the de-listing of wolves from federal protection (the ESA), he has supported individual states in their wolf massacre policies, he is responsible for rounding up wild mustangs and burros to clear the grazing areas for his cohort ranchers! What happens to the wild horses that are rounded up and sold to animal dealers? In these hard economic times, few private citizens are buying horses--but we do know that Tom Davis, a family friend of Salazar's, an animal transporter who advocates for horse slaughterhouses is buying the horses for $10. each from the Bureau of Land Management-----and with no verifiable paperwork, it is a sad guess that the horses are going to Mexico for slaughter.

Mr. Salazar certainly does not have the best interest of our wildlife in mind, as a secretary of the interior is supposed to--instead he bows down to ranchers and the ranching community, allowing their cash cows to graze on public lands--wolf territory!! And pushing wild horses and burros off the grazing lands, to, again, allow the ranchers use of the land. Remember he is a rancher himself and comes from a ranching family.

Mr. Salazar is also bad for the environment and CO2 release, allowing more coal burning than ever.

This is an election year and President Obama and his camp is starting to pay attention to our outrage concerning his appointment of Ken Salazar in 2008---we have to encourage him to discharge Salazar in 2012.

We need someone like Bruce Babbit as secretary of the interior - someone who puts wildlife and wilderness first -- someone not in the ranching industry!!

Please sign--the White House is starting to pay attention--

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