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All animal protection institutions and corresponding authorities liable for

Pls.sign in this petition and spread yourself a call to all authorities liable for animal protection through informing them about such picture by all possible means! World is small enough to try to get on trail of these low-down subhumans shown on this hideous picture.
Originally this graphic image was posted on the following profile and later was removed owning to multiple alerts of Facebook community as response on this cause.
However, its a possibility that this picture was not made by profile owner and rather was used by poster to criticize abusers though it is still not very good excuse for posting extremely repulsive stuff like that.
The question is where he did take this guck from so to try get on tral of these mugs


Andreo Nikos

This petition closed over 5 years ago

How this will help

Its a cause of humanity towards animals.As well its a matter of justice to find and punish criminals


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