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Because it's the right thing to do.....

The Governments own statistics show that only 0.5% of claimants are getting DLA that should not be, yet they want to cut it by 20%. They say that they want to stop misuse of the system but the figures above clear show that it has nothing to do with misuse and everything to do with cost cutting and forcing people with a disability to not be able to cope. It has been shown that many people that have gone through assessments by ATOS in regard to ESA and told they are fit for work have then appealed and be told that ATOS was wrong. on top of all that many people that have a disability have been dying after being told they are fit for work or because the thought of going through the assessment/appeal has drove them to taking their own lives. Help us say NO to what the UK government and ATOS are doing. Profit should never come before life. thank you


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