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Not judge all pit bulls based on the behavior of few.

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How this will help

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes have a divisive reputation for violent behavior that makes them both popular and shunned. However, many others have found these dogs to be completely misrepresented by the actions of few that were trained to be vicious by irresponsible people.

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There are several issues that make any dog more likely to bite or be aggressive, including training, socialization, heredity, and sex. Another important factor is whether it is fixed.

Male dogs are 6.2 more likely to bite than females, and intact males are more 2.6 times more likely to bite than neutered males. FiXiT was formed to bring spay and neuter to everyone, including hard to reach pet owners that choose to breed or with particular breed preferences. As part of our Final Fix Project, we have increased demand for spay & neuter by 500% in a location where it is culturally unexpected.

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