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Approximately 695,000 children were reported victims of abuse in the United States last year. This number is probably much smaller than is really going on as most abuse isn't ever reported. Take a good look around you - it is very likely that someone you know is a survivor of child abuse. It could be your roommate, neighbor, co-worker, or even someone in your inner circle. It is also common that many of these survivors have sought help or confided in anyone about their abuse. Many are unaware of the resources and help available to them, others are scared and alone.

The International Child Advocacy Network (Yes ICAN) is a volunteer-only organization that provides crisis, information and referral services world-wide for those who are having issues around child abuse. We don't stop there- Yes ICAN is the only online provider of facilitated support groups and resources for survivors of child abuse and domestic violence. We reach more than 35,000 individuals monthly with support and help.

We humbly ask you to help us help these survivors. We aren't asking for much, we just ask that you donate $10 to our organization. With your money, we will be able to keep our website and facilitated chat rooms running. Our anonymous chatroom is often the only place where victims feel comfortable to share and seek help.

With $10 You Could Buy:
-A decent meal.
-Around 3 gallons of gas.
-A T-shirt.
-A month long subscription to Netflix
- 2 Starbucks Frappuccino's

We hope these items are worth sacrificing this month in the name of a victim of child abuse. Remember that this survivor could be your family member, roommate, neighbor, co-worker or friend.

On behalf of all the volunteers at Yes ICAN- we thank you for your help in keeping our chatrooms live. We have set a goal of raising $500 in a month. This can easily be accomplished if 50 people pledge at least $10! Please make your donation at www.yesican.org. If you are unable to make a tax deductible donation at this time, we understand and ask that you share this with 10 of your friends. We can meet this goal TOGETHER!

* Tax ID # 95-4567760 for Tax deductible donations. Please write "End Abuse October" as the reason for your donation on your checks.
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