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Pray,give and spread the word for the orphans to be heard.The horror of being a child living in the streets is being experienced throughout the world. Children orphaned with no family member to care for them, children fleeing from abuse, children searching for some way to survive - this is the case for some estimated 100 - 150 million children. They range in age from just three years to eighteen. They live an unimaginable life. Anything to survive. They beg, steal, work for abusers and prostitute themselves - whatever it takes to survive another day. Many work a full day only to afford one meal. And for the youngest and smallest this work could be in vain when an older, stronger child beats them and steals this small sum they have earned. Then, with no health care available, what was a fight over food could result in injuries that remain a lifetime. They exist everywhere, in all the large towns and cities of developing countries. They sleep, often cold and always hungry, in the streets, under bridges, in alleys and under streets huddled next to water pipes to stay warm. They are wrapped in plastic or newspapers or nothing while some sleep on cardboard and others on concrete. Sadly, some even sleep in garbage dumpsters for safety. Most are drug addicts. They inhale industrial glue sold to them by unscrupulous people. This powerful mind and body-numbing substance relieves their hunger and helps them escape the mental trauma of sexual abuse, exploitation, brutal beatings and an overall disregard from the community around them. In some countries renegades come out at night and shoot them like dogs to clean up the neighborhood. They are seen as having no worth.

Many of these defenseless children are invisible to the world. They have no birth certificate, no records. Most, at death, are buried in unmarked graves. Please help a street child escape the streets. Rescue Street Children From Street Life is an initiative by Homa Bay Orphans Self Help Group involved in rescuing, resettling and supporting street, orphans and vulnerable children and other related interventions. Currently it is involved in implementation of Children Support project in Homa Bay town, one of the deep hited towns with HIV/AIDS, child labour and child prostitution along the shores of Lake Victoria beaches in the district. The project supporting its activities through organizations initiatives and individual well-wisher's contributions in materials and volunteership. The main activities include street children rescue, resettlement and support, Orphans and Vulnerable Children home-based care programs and peer education. They also have a Life Initiative project where street children, OVC and their households are given food supplements donated by well-wishers as a short-term intervention. This initiative hopes to mobilize community and empower them to take responsibility for the well-being of street children and OVC affected by HIV/AIDS and child abuse. Thus, the strategies used will strengthen existing resources, coping mechanisms and support capabilities within the family and community structures and will facilitate networking and collaborating between community-based organizations and outside resources.

Help Account:-Bank Name. - Kenya Commercial Bank ( KCB)Account name.- Homa Bay Orphans Self Help Group.Account No. - 1112400486Branch name. - Homa Bay.Branch Code - 01230Swift code - Kcblkenx01230 1112400486.

ADDRESS:-Contact person:- Michael Otieno Abuya,C/o Homa Bay Orphans S.H.G Address:- P.O.BOX 692,Town:- Homa Bay(40300),Postal code:- 40300,country:- Kenya.Cell phone:- 254727460680E mail:- [email protected]

I am grateful once more for your concern and hope to hear from you in cooperation and networking.

Thanks in advance.

Yours Michael.

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