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To all my face book Pakistani contributors it is an alarming situation in Karachi every day average 11 to 12 innocent citizens are being killed under the lawful patronage of the Karachi administration and daily for last three or four days 11 innoscent citizen are been killed through target killings and at the end of the week almost 50 persons have been killed through media statements it has also be noticed that among this death casualties of more than 50 citizens of Karachi 26 citizens are - political parties workers of various parties and this horrific drama of death killings were started from the the evening of protest rally against karachi U.S.Embassy Attack and from the same day first target killing started from the political killings of ex deputy town nazim of Jamat e Islami and till continued and if we see thoroughly the speech of a fascist party head was addressing from London in the honour of Mohummad Peace Be Upon Him held in Karachi where all the executive committee members were present in that religious gathering his statement we found 360 degree different from the spirit of muslims beliefs and ideology of Pakistan and the statement is as under : Pakistan ko islami inteha pusundoun ka gurh naheen bunnay dayn gay aur hum Pakistan ko aik libral Pakistan bunayn gay - Muftee Muneeb a balanced humble favourite icon has announced a peacefull rally to organise on 30th September and the karachi adminstration under the patronage this innoscent life taking monsters are forcing to Muftee Muneeb to postponed the peacful rally for the restoration of protocols of Mohummad Peace Be Upon Him and the same in illegible administration of Karachi has broken the dump water sewerage pipe line to seize the track of Muftee Muneeb peaceful Rally : so it is the time of all Karachites to show their consent at this horrific drama of murders death target killings since 1985.and the present government is so pitti ful position of PPP government and criminal scilence and nonsense press statement of Chief Minster Qaim Ali Shah hum kisee ko qanonn hath mayn naheen laynay dayn gay in presence of those high ranking police officers who have the law and order holder of karachi and responsible of enforcement of Law in Karachi City - i request to all my face book contributors specially Pakistanis who are living in Pakistan orin abroad they have to speak on face book with loud voice to be registered in to the Government avenues who are responsible for maintaining & ensuring law & order to ensure stop target killing in Karachi daily by target killers ..................................................................................................................

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