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It is with the utmost respect that we petition you Ms. Phelps to bring Phillip Chancellor III, Thom Bierdz back to "The Young & The Restless." We have been enjoying Phillip since 1986, and love his work. "Days of Our Lives" is doing a gay storyline and the actor won a Daytime Emmy, and now, General Hospital is not only doing a gay storyline, but it will soon involve a gay love triangle between the characters of Lucas/Brad/ and Felix. There are many more celebrities coming out as gay, and gay marriage is becoming a key issue. With all this being said, I think that now more than ever, that Thom can be an asset to the show.

Daytime Confidential, Soap Opera Digest, SoapZone's Carol Banks Weber, and many many more soap opera media are behind him. All of us cannot be wrong. Won't you please consider at least speaking to Thom? Look at his adorable face in this sincere You Tube video, filmed at his home in Lake Arrowhead, and decide for yourself:

Thom Bierdz Sings Video Letter To Y&R’s EP Jill Farren Phelps: “Why Can’t The Gay Chancellor Have a.
In the we-thought-we-have-seen-everything category, The Young and the

We do not wish to offend you, but only to show our love for Thom's work as Phillip Chancellor III. Please bring him back in any capacity, even if recurring just to test the waters. Respectfully, signed, the friends and fans of Thom Bierdz II. Please feel free to visit us at


Rita E. Henderson

People should sign in order to shed some more light on the plight of gays in America, and how difficult it is for them to get great roles in Hollywood.

There are so very few gay story lines on daytime tv. This is shocking due to the high profile of the battle for gay rights, and in particular, many states voting on gay marriage. One does not to be gay to have an appreciation of a gay story line and the insights it could offer viewers.

Also they should sign because Thom is not just an actor, but he is also a humanitarian, an author, and an artist as well as my friend. So far,Thom has donated over $100,000 of his proceeds from paintings and prints at to many charities. As such a well rounded inddividual, Thom can be an asset to the show if any of his talents are used.


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